Hydroponic Nutrients You Need for DIY Hydroponics Cannabis Grow

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All plants need nutrients for optimal growth and yield. Hydroponics cannabis is no different. In fact, it requires special attention in terms of nutrients, given that it does not have access to soil to scour for nutrients. 

When setting up a hydroponic system, it is vital to pay special attention to the plants' nutrition and ensure they get an adequate supply of the nutrients they need. This is done by directly adding soluble nutrients to the hydroponic water. These nutrients are commonly known as hydroponic nutrients.

Different plants require different types and amounts of nutrients. Knowing the type and amount of hydroponic nutrients your cannabis requires is vital for its growth, development, and yield. 

The hydroponic nutrients you will need for your weed can be classified into two large groups: macronutrients and micronutrients. 


Advanced Nutrients for growerMacronutrients Your Hydroponics Cannabis Needs

As the name suggests, macronutrients are nutrients that plants require in large quantities. Without these nutrients, plants can have stunted growth, die out, or produce low or no yields. 

To ensure a good yield on your grow, your hydroponics cannabis needs these macronutrients to grow well: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. 

  • Nitrogen is not only one of the most vital macronutrients for your cannabis but is also the main ingredient for any hydroponic solution. Why, you may ask? Nitrogen is responsible for the growth of every part of your plant. From the leaves, stems, and branches to the buds, nitrogen helps them all to grow well. Nitrogen helps to boost the presence of different types of enzymes and proteins that facilitate the growth of your plants. Without nitrogen, your plants would experience stunted growth. They would also experience the yellowing of the leaves and late or no flowering. 
  • Phosphorus, like nitrogen, is an essential nutrient your hydroponics cannabis needs. Phosphorus is vital in transforming solar energy into chemical energy during photosynthesis. This enables the plant to create genetic memory and facilitate the continued process of cell division. These processes are essential for your cannabis since they allow the plants to form roots, produce seeds, and grow flowers. Phosphorus also enables the development of waxes, oils, and plant sugars into distinct flavors for your weed. The maturity of the plant generally depends on this nutrient. 
  • Potassium plays a vital role in the growth and reproduction of your marijuana plant. Potassium is required by your plants since it boosts photosynthesis. It also helps the cannabis plant process proteins and activates a series of enzymes necessary for the process of photosynthesis. In so doing, your cannabis plants can grow well and become healthy. Lack or deficiency of potassium in your hydroponic nutrients would result in the absence of the distinctive color of the leaves of your cannabis. 


Micronutrients Your Hydroponic Cannabis Requires

Besides the nutrients needed in large quantities, your hydroponics cannabis also requires smaller amounts of other nutrients known as micronutrients.  

Although required in small quantities compared to macronutrients, micronutrients are still equally vital for the growth of your hydroponics cannabis. The absence or deficiency of these nutrients would lead to poor health and yield for your plants. 

Under traditional farming methods, most micronutrients are already present in the soil. Since hydroponic plants do not use soil, however, you must provide the micronutrients for your cannabis. 

These micronutrients include magnesium, calcium, iron, boron, copper, manganese, and sulfur.

  • Magnesium helps the chlorophyll in your plants' leaves perform its tasks. It helps your plant maintain its green color and also takes part in the process of photosynthesis. 
  • Calcium is a necessary nutrient, especially in the early stages of your plant's growth. Calcium facilitates the healthy growth of your plants through the formation of new cells as well as promoting the plants' steady development. Calcium works towards strengthening your cannabis plants. 
  • Iron plays a crucial role in the formation of chlorophyll. Since chlorophyll makes the leaves green, enough iron gives the plants a shiny green color. The lack of iron can result in yellowing your plants' leaves. 
  • Boron takes part in the formation of new cells and the duplication of existing cells in the weed. This nutrient also boosts the production of buds and flowers in your cannabis plants. Deficiency of this nutrient results in the stunted growth of your plants. 
  • Copper facilitates the metabolism of your weed plants. The nutrient helps the plants in the process of respiration. Excess copper in your plants can, however, lead to dwarfing of the stems and roots, which is undesirable. 
  • Manganese helps your plants' respiration process by improving their nitrogen intake during photosynthesis. Manganese increases your cannabis plants' resilience to diseases. Excessing this nutrient makes the leaves turn brown with red spots and should be avoided. 
  • Sulfur helps create proteins since it is a structural component of amino acids. It also boosts the production of enzymes in your plants. Sulfur also helps your cannabis plants increase their vitamin intake from the other nutrients fed to the plant. Besides that, Sulphur is necessary for seed production and root growth of your weeds. Lack of Sulphur results in the slow growth of your plants and may also result in the production of small and brittle plants. In excess, Sulphur can affect the taste of your weed upon maturity.

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What Should You Take Care Of With Your Cannabis Hydroponic Nutrients

Now that you know the nutrients your DIY hydroponics cannabis needs, you also need to know some things you should take care of. 

One essential aspect of your grow you should take care of is the selection of nutrients. You should ensure that the nutrients you use are suitable for hydroponics rather than soil. The hydroponic nutrients you use should be highly water soluble since they will be dissolved in water for feeding your cannabis. You can get these nutrients from our online store and have them shipped to you or your local gardening store. 

Lastly, the quantity of the nutrients used is also vital. This not only depends on the type of cannabis but also on the plant's growth stage. The growth stages include the vegetative and flowering stages. The quantity of macronutrients is highly dependent on the growth stage. The ratio of nitrogen: phosphorus: and potassium is essential for proper growth. While the vegetative stage requires high nitrogen, medium to high phosphorus, and high potassium, the flowering stage requires low nitrogen, high phosphorus, and high potassium. 

With this knowledge, you can produce your own healthy and high yielding hydroponics cannabis.