Base Nutrients

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Plants require different varieties of nutrients to have maximum yields. Due to the lack of soil nutrients, hydroponics requires a constant supply of plant nutrients. Base nutrients form the largest nutrient requirements your indoor hydroponic plants require. These base nutrients include nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium, among other micronutrients. Depending on the type of plant and the growth stage, your plant requires different amounts of these base nutrients. At All Grow Garden and Distribution, we have made things easier for you.

This category contains a selection of the best base nutrient brands for hydroponics in Canada. From Advanced Nutrients, CANNA, Diablo, Remo, FloraFlex, Gaia Green, Green Planet, General Hydroponics, and Botanicare, you will get these and many more base nutrients suitable for your indoor hydroponics at All Grow Garden.

163 products
Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A & B
from $15.50 Regular price $18.24 Save $2.74
Dutch Nutrient Bloom A (3-0-3) & B (1-0.5-3)
from $12.00
Dutch Nutrient Bloom A & B - Commercial Strength 23L
Dutch Nutrient Gro A & B - Commercial Strength 23L
Hydroponic Research DOS Two-Part Stock Concentrate Powder
from $377.17
Hydroponic Research VBX Craft Powder Nutrient
from $32.33
Hydroponic Research STAX Plant Growth Powder
from $43.10
Hydroponic Research VEG+BLOOM One-Part Powder Nutrient
from $21.55
Hydroponic Research PHLO PH Down+
from $23.71
Hydroponic Research SHINE Bloom Additive
from $43.10
Athena PK 20L
Athena Cleanse 20L
Athena CaMg 20L
Grotek Insta green (3-0-0)
Grotek Blossom Blaster (0-48-31)
from $64.94
PRO-MIX CONNECT Mycorrhizal Inoculant (250g)
Sale price $196.99 Regular price $200.00 Save $3.01
Cantek Nutrients Ultra Crystal 10Kg
from $100.84
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Safer's End All Ready To Use
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Rambridge Veg-Booster 270G
Plant Prod Mj Starter 10-52-10 15K
Plant Prod Mj High K (15Kg)
Plant Prod Mj Grow 12-8-26 15Kg
Plant Prod Mj Bloom 10-30-20 15Kg
Plant Prod All Purpose 20-8-20
Optimum Bloom A&B
from $95.48
Optic Foliar Elium Concentrate
from $14.94
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Nutrilife H2O2 5 Gal
Nutricote 14-13-13 Type 70 20Kg
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Nutri Plus H2O2 29% 20L
Nitrogen Boost
from $58.99
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Botanicare Kind Base 2-2-4 20L / 5 Gal
Jumbo Bud 2.5 Kg
Holland Secret Micro
from $9.90 Regular price $11.65 Save $1.75
Holland Secret Grow
from $11.57
Holland Secret Bloom
from $11.21
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Holland Micro 23L
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Holland Grow 23L
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Holland Bloom 23L
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Hyper Oxygen 29% Std Gr
from $47.99