Commercial or ACMPR Wholesale Pricing

At All Grow Gardens, you can access all farm nutrients and products of choice and equipment through our online horticultural platform for easier access to supplies and necessary information regarding hydroponic or soil farming.

 All our customers are welcome to experience our products and services AT their convenience. All Grow Gardens is an all-inclusive initiative that allows farmers to have access to our products regardless of the size of the operation. Our goal is to encourage all farmers, whether small scale or large scale, to embrace outdoor or indoor hydroponic farming as a faster, cheaper, and reliable means of production. 

 Advantages of our commercial or ACMPR wholesale pricing initiative 

  • You will have full access to manufacturers with the best quality products.
  • Clients will have more access to procurement services, including the supply of equipment, nutrients, and construction materials for the hydroponic projects. 
  • Access to customer services such as discounts, bonuses, shipment services, professional consulting, and unmatched prices for all high-quality products that facilitate quality yields.
  • Access to well-experienced staff members capable of helping during the selection of the most appropriate products and equipment to adopt for the projects.
  • A successful and dedicated delivery system for all your products. 
  • Reduced cost of operations due to the discounts.
  • Provision of technical support including the creation of hydroponic plots for the farmers and constructing the necessary equipment to support farming.

 All interested members can access our services by applying through our website and submitting their information in the relevant forms or by calling our help center. You can also email us with your inquiry and our team members will reach out to you with the necessary forms required, which you will then be required to fill out your details and submit them. We shall review your document within the shortest time possible and provide feedback based on your details. 

 Request quotation for the products 

We usually encourage our customers to put in a request to have an optimized quotation for specific products and equipment for their project. The aim of having a quotation is to account for expenses used for the project. We help our customers gain the most from their farming practices, facilitating the maximization of profits. When setting up the quotations, we ensure to account for the clients' commercial size to suit their requirements and profitability.

 Facts about All Grow Garden

All Grow Garden is a platform that provides soil and hydroponic farming equipment and products for indoor or outdoor farming. We provide our clients with services necessary for ACMPR commercializing their hydroponic farms at a convenient and reliable means and pricing. We supply and support commercial and individual growers, ACMPR, and grow consultants with the required equipment and products for their operations within and beyond Canada. We encourage all interested parties in Canada and to submit their forms to our platform for consideration.