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If you are new to indoor hydroponic growing and conflicted about the nutrients that are suitable for your plants, well, nutrient starter kits are what you need. These starter kits are an excellent way for you to test an entire nutrient line in your garden. They also help you save on money by using the brand’s whole line of nutrients without having to buy large amounts of single nutrients. Nutrient starter kits allow you to test different nutrients from the same brand at all stages of your indoor/ hydroponics growth.

If you wish to shift the brand you are currently using, nutrient starter kits are also for you. At All Grow Garden and Distribution, you can get a variety of nutrient starter kits from the best brands in Canada. These brands include but are not limited to Advanced Nutrients, Cyco, CANNA, Remo, General Hydroponics, Technaflora, GreenPlanet, House & Garden, Diablo, Emerald Harvest, and Future Harvest.

11 products
Technaflora Starter Kit
Remo'S Supercharged Kit 1L
Nutri Plus-Starting Kit
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Emerald Harvest Start Kit
Diablo Starter Kits
Destiny Home Grow Kit
Cyco Pro Kit Suga Rush
Cyco Pro Kit Recovery
Technaflora Recipe For Success Starter Kit
GreenPlanet Nutrients 1 Part Medi One Kit
Remo Nutrients Supercharged Kit