Trimming & Harvest

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Get all the tools you will require for undertaking the tiring but rewarding task of harvesting your bountiful produce.

Regardless of whether you are a small-scale grower with few plants or a large-scale grower with large grow areas, we have got you covered with our large selection of hand trimming gear and commercial trimming machines from the most recognized brands in the hydroponics industry in Canada.

Our pieces of equipment are not only of good quality but are also affordable.

Choose the cost-effective way. Choose All Grow Garden and Distribution grow shop.

56 products
Twister Tumbler Driver Wheel Assy T4
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Twister T4 White 200 Mesh (70 Micron)
Twister T4 Tumbler Standard
Twister T4 Tumbler Narrow
Twister T4 Trim Saver
Twister T4 Pulley Assembly Blade
Twister T4 Plunger Indexing M12-1.5X
Twister T4 Neoprene Cuff
Twister T4 Hopper Assy
Twister T4 Helixe Blade
Twister T4 Gas Shock 89Mm Stroke
Twister T4 Filter Bag 80 Mesh
Twister T4 Filter Bag 70 Micron
Twister T4 Filter Bag 40 Micron
Twister T4 Drive Wheel Chevron
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Twister T4 Drive Wheel Assembly
Twister T4 Belt
Twister T4 Bedknife Packaged
Twister T4 Airflow
Twister T4 5" Keyed Vacuum Hose Clamp
Twister T2 Vacuum Hose Clamp 6 Inch
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Twister T2 Vacuum Bag Clamp Two Pack
Twister T2 Vacuum 1700 Cfm 2Hp
Twister T2 Upper Shroud Assy
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Twister T2 Tumbler Standard
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Twister T2 Tumbler Narrow
Twister T2 Trim Saver Cs18 W/Bb Bin
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Twister T2 Nylon Brush
Twister T2 Nitrited Helix Blade Nuts
Twister T2 Logo Vacuum Bag 40 Micron
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Twister T2 Kit Bearing Overhaul
Twister T2 Hopper Assy
Twister T2 Foam Shroud 1/2X22
Twister T2 Filter Bag 70 Micron
Twister T2 Clear Vacuum Bags 10/Case
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Twister T2 Bolt Tumbler Adjust
Twister T2 6 Inch Hose 6' Long
Twister T2 Shroud Assy Lower
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Twister Nyloc Nut M10 X 1.5 X 0.389
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Twister Bolt Bedknife Screw