Humidity Control

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Water is life, but too much of it can be hazardous, especially for indoor hydroponic plants.

This is more so for water in the atmosphere, which not only determines your plants' resilience to mold but also plays a crucial role in determining how much water your plants need to uptake.

Having an accurate measure of the humidity in your indoor hydroponic garden can immensely influence your plants’ growth and yields. Your plants do well in different humidity levels based on their growth stages. Insufficient humidity or too much of it can result in devastating results.

So why take the risk? Get yourself efficient, affordable, and good-quality humidity controllers right here on our website and watch your plants thrive!

7 products
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Png 030 Humidity/ Display
Integra 67% Retail Pack 24/Pkg
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Ideal Air Humidifier 300 Pints
Boveda 67G 2 Way Humidity 62%
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Boveda 4G 2 Way Humidity 62% (6
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Boveda 28G (300/Pack)
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Active Air 190 Pint Dehumidifier