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Hydroponic prayers and misters are vital accessories in your indoor hydroponic garden. You can use these accessories to supply water and nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in your hydroponic garden.

Typically, sprayers and misters are used to foliar feed plants, add humidity to your indoor garden, or build an aeroponic cloner.

You can use sprayers and misters to directly mist solutions on your plant's leaves. In addition, you can use these sprayers and misters to apply many supplements and cleaners to your plants. Whatever hydroponic application you have, sprayers and misters give you enhanced control over your watering and feeding system. 

If you are looking for hydroponic sprayers and misters, All Grow Garden and Distribution have a variety of products from top brands in Canada.

In this category, you will also find watering wands and water breaker nozzles for the hard-to-reach pots! Shop now!

18 products
Plastic Nursery Pot
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PRO-MIX CX Biostimulant
from $4.24
Gro Pro Heavy Duty Black Saucers
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Gro Pro White Square Pot
from $3.49
Gro Pro Fabric Pot Brown
from $11.99
Gro Pro Black Square Pot
from $1.44
Gro Pro Fabric Pot W/ Handles
from $6.98
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MONDI O2 POT 16" 35L
Saucer Clear Plastic 14''
Saucer Clear Plastic 10''
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Saucer Clear Plastic 16"
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Rhizopot Fabric 1 Gal W/Handles
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Pot Elite 4.75Gallon
Mondi Super Saucer
from $1.74
Mondi Saucer
from $0.94
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Gro Pro Rose Bucket Black
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Gro Pro Maxipot Black
Alfred Black Saucer 14