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All living things require nutrients to survive. Plants are not different. Whether grown outside or indoors, with soil or hydroponically, they require a range of nutrients to survive and thrive.

The major difference between soil-grown and hydroponic plants is that soil contains inherent nutrients that it supplies to the plant. Soil-grown plants have a continuous supply of nutrients and, in most cases, can survive without the addition of other nutrients. Despite this, different plants require different amounts and kinds of specific nutrients. Due to different types and amounts of nutrients present in the soil, not all plants can do well and give maximum yield when grown in soil.

This calls for a more controlled environment where plants are fed the nutrients they need. Growing plants indoors and hydroponically is one way of giving them a controlled environment that maximizes yields. Indoor hydroponics allows you to control the type and amounts of nutrients you give to your plant.

Understanding plant nutrients is paramount for indoor and hydroponics farming. When selecting nutrients for your plants, you should not only consider the ratio of nutrients in the brand you choose to use but also the types of nutrients. Choosing plant nutrients that are suitable for hydroponics instead of soil is also essential, especially since the nutrients for hydroponics should be highly water soluble.

In this category, you will find a list of nutrients that you require for your indoor hydroponic garden. All these nutrients are always available for you to purchase here at our indoor hydroponic grow shop.

332 products
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
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Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A & B
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Dutch Nutrient Bloom A (3-0-3) & B (1-0.5-3)
from $12.00
Advanced Nutrients B-52
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Dutch Nutrient Bloom Blaster 10kg
Dutch Nutrient Black 1-1-2
from $10.95
Dutch Nutrient Gro A & B - Commercial Strength 23L
Hydroponic Research DOS Two-Part Stock Concentrate Powder
from $377.17
Hydroponic Research VBX Craft Powder Nutrient
from $32.33
Hydroponic Research STAX Plant Growth Powder
from $43.10
Hydroponic Research PHLO PH Down+
from $23.71
Hydroponic Research SHINE Bloom Additive
from $43.10
My Good Green Ferminator Plant Wash Concentrate Organic
from $33.99
Nutricote 14-13-13 Type 70 20Kg
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Atami B'Cuzz Bloom 0-0-0.7
from $58.98
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TechnaFlora Thrive Alive B1 Red
from $17.84
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General Hydroponics FloraPro Grow
from $47.95
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General Hydroponics FloraPro Bloom
from $47.95
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General Hydroponics FloraPro Ca + Micros
from $47.95
Dutch Nutrient Gold 1-2-1
from $19.95
Grotek Growth Max™ (0.2-0.1-0.9)
from $409.65
Rhizoflora Purpinator
from $27.98
Athena PK 20L
Athena Cleanse 20L
Athena CaMg 20L
PRO-MIX CONNECT Mycorrhizal Inoculant (250g)
Sale price $196.99 Regular price $200.00 Save $3.01
Cantek Nutrients Ultra Crystal 10Kg
from $100.84
Safer's Slug & Snail Killer 1Kg
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Safer's End All Ready To Use
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Rock Resinator
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Remo Astroflower 20L
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Rambridge Veg-Booster 270G
Rambridge Potassium Silicate
from $11.98
Rambridge Liquid Black Crystal
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Rambridge Green-Up
Plant Prod Mj Starter 10-52-10 15K
Plant Prod Mj High K (15Kg)
Plant Prod Mj Grow 12-8-26 15Kg
Plant Prod Mj Finisher 4-31-37 15Kg