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Pumps and air stones create a steady stream of small bubbles and water circulation within your indoor hydroponic garden.

Water pumps are essential for every indoor hydroponic garden and every grower should invest in a high-quality pump. As the heart of a recirculating hydroponic system, pumps allow water to flow through the system and deliver nutrients to your plants.

With the help of an air pump, air stones and diffusers are used to oxygenate the water or nutrient solution in your grow system or reservoir. The bubbles and water movement they provide help to circulate nutrients in the water and increase the growth potential of your plants. It also prevents algae from forming in your systems and maintains the temperature of your water.

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26 products
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Thermoflo T Connector 10"X10"X10"
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Y Connector Transition 12''
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Y Connector 12''X10''X10''
Y Connector 10"X10"X10"
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Thermoflo Y Connector 10"X10"X10"
Thermoflo Elbow 4''-16''
Thermoflo Y Connector 8'X8"X8"
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Hydrologic Float Valve 3/4"
Hydrologic Float Valve
Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing Clear 3
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Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing Clear 1
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Hl-Poly Tubing Blue 1/4In 50Ft
Greenline Brass Male X Female Valve
Fx-Pipe Fitting Elbow 16-17Mm
FloraFlex Pipe Fitting Tee 16-17Mm
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FloraFlex Pipe Fitting 16-17Mm W/ Male
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FloraFlex Nylon Valve 2.0 1"
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FloraFlex Double Layer Tubing 16-17Mm
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Dramm Valve Touch'N Flow
Dramm Touch'N Flow Valve Lever
Dramm Plastic Valve
Dramm One-Touch High Flow Valve
Alfred Airline Blue Tubing 6M
Alfred Airline Blue Tubing 20' x 1/4"
ThermoFlo Duct Clamps
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