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You need more than the right nutrients in adequate amounts to make your indoor hydroponic garden thrive.

In soil farming, your soil should be in perfect condition before and throughout the growing period. Similarly, the water media in hydroponics should be in a condition that maximizes the growth potential of your crops.

To this effect, all indoor hydroponic farmers should be able to continuously assess the condition of their farms. In this collection, you will find a list of products related to water analysis instruments that are available for purchase on our website.

The instruments displayed here are used to test the condition of your nutrient solution based on factors such as pH.

While these instruments are designed to give you accurate measures for a long time, maintaining them is a sure way of ensuring that they serve you for the longest time possible. Always ensure that you store them in good condition to prevent their breakdown.

43 products
Bluelab Guardian Monitor Inline Wi-Fi
Alfred Water pH Testing Paper Strips Kit 4.5 - 9.0 Narrow Range 150/pack
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Mondi Mini Hygrometer Black E100Vb
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TechnaFlora pH Up
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TechnaFlora pH Down
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Nutri Plus Ph Up 34%
Nutri Plus Ph Up 17%
Nutri Plus Florasol Calib.Ph4 500ml
Hanna Hi7007L Buffer Ph 7 500Ml
Hanna Hi7004L Buffer Ph 4 500Ml
General Hydroponics Cdn Ph Down
from $14.48
Zentest PC60-Z Pocket Test Kit
Zentest PC-60 Premium Multiparameter
Sure Test Ph Strip Kit 5.5-8
Ph-60 Premium Pocket Ph Tester
Measure Master Grad.8Oz/250Ml
Measure Master Grad.64Oz/2000Ml
Measure Master Grad.32Oz/1000Ml
Measure Master Grad.16Oz/500 Ml
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Measure Master Grad.160Oz/5000Ml
Measure Master Garden Syringe 100 Ml/Cc
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Measure Master Dropper 5Ml
Hanna Storage Solution
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Hanna Ppm Tester Dist-1 Hi98301
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Hanna Ph/Ec/Tds-Tester (Black)
Hanna Ph/Ec/Tds Meter Hi9814
Hanna Ph Soil Tester Hi981030
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Hanna Hi9813-6
Hanna Hi98130 Combo
Hanna Hi7061L Cleaning Solution
Hanna Gro Line Quick Cal Check
Dosatron Water Powered Doser
Dosatron Nutrient Delivery Syst
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Dosatron Doser 40Gpm
Bluelab Probe Care Kit – pH and Conductivity
Bluelab Probe Care Kit - Conductivity
Advanced Nutrients PH Up
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Advanced Nutrients PH Down
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Cyco Platinum Series PH Up
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Alfred's Garden Tools Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester