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At All Grow Garden and Distribution, we have a variety of scales available for you to purchase. You can the scale that meets your harvesting and drying needs based on the size of your harvest.

Our mini scales are suitable for medicinal products such as herbs. While these professional electronic scales are designed for weighing all types of herbs, we also have larger scales for weigher larger and heavier produce.

Scroll down and choose the most suitable scale for your harvesting and drying needs.

7 products
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Alfred Precision Scale 3kg / 0.1grm
Alfred Precision Scale 0.01g / 500g
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Alfred Pro Commercial Scale 0.2grm / 6kg SS Pan
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Smart Weigh Csb5Kg Digital Scale
Measure Master Digital Scale W/ 4L Bowl
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Measure Master 1000G Digita Scale/Tray
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Digital Scale