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If you want fresh plants and produce, then give them fresh air! Your indoor hydroponic garden requires to have a good ventilation system that is able to control odors in your garden and provide fresh and clean air for your plants.

The parts of this ventilation system not only need to be of good quality but should also withstand the test of time. What good is a ventilation system that needs to be replaced or repaired all too often?

Make your ventilation system more stable, efficient, and long-lasting by using good-quality ducts, reducers, and flanges. All of which you can get right here!

23 products
Thermoflo Duct Muffler
from $88.24
Thermoflo Back Draft Damper
from $38.94
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 8X25
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 4X25
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Thermotech Premium Ducting 12"
Thermoflo Srb Insulated Duct 12''X25'
Thermoflo Insulated Ducting 10''X25''
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Thermoflo Duct Reducer 12" - 8"
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 6X25
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 14X25
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 12X25
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Ia-Ducting 14Inx25Ft
Ia-Ducting 12Inx25Ft
Ia-Ducting 10Inx25Ft
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Hydrofarm Backdraft Damper 12''
Grower's Edge Clamp Clip- Large
Greenline Gear Clamp
ADS Air Diffuser Systems
from $27.94
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Damper 8"
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Back Draft Damper 8"
FLEKS 6" Ducting
FLEKS 4" Ducting
ThermoFlo Technologies Ltd. 2000SR Flexible Air Duct
from $20.94