Climate Controls

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Controllers are used to monitor and adjust your growing environment, some units focus on one specific parameter such as CO2 levels or the speed of a fan while more advanced all-in-one units allow to track many parameters at once all from a single point.

In this category you will find Thermometers, Hygrometers, Fan speed controllers, Light controllers, Timers (analog & digital), CO2 controllers

178 products
Active Air 20LB CO2 Tank (Empty)
Mountain Air Carbon Filter 14" X 56" 2800 CFM
Hurricane Classic Oscillating Wall Mount Fan 16"
Titan Controls Apollo 9 Two Outlet Digital Timer
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Can-Fan Max-Fan HO The Beast 14" 240V 3343 CFM
Titan Controls Apollo 7 One Outlet Digital Timer
Hurricane Pro 30" Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
Can-Filter Can-Lite Active Filter
from $280.00
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Copy of Titan Controls Helios 6 - 8 Light 240 V Controller with Dual Trigger Cords
Hurricane Pro 20" Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
Can-Fan Max-Fan
from $375.98
Thermoflo Duct Muffler
from $88.24
Thermoflo Back Draft Damper
from $38.94
Maxfan Pre Filter
from $19.88
Kootenay Filter 12'' Prime Fan
Kootenay Filter 10'' Prime Fan
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Aeroteq Wall Mount Fan
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Air King Oscillate Wall Fan 18"
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Air King Oscillate Wall Fan 16"
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 8X25
Thermoflo 2000 Sr Prem Ducting 4X25
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Windmaker 6" Clip Fan
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Wind Devil 18 Inch Floor Fan
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Wind Devil 16" Oscillate Fan 3
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Vostermans V-Flofan 240V
Vostermans 16" V-Flofan 120V W
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Vosterman Support
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Vortex S-Line 8'' 115V
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Typhoon XL Series 12" 1789 Cfm
Typhoon Xl Series 10" 1169 Cfm
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Trolmaster Hydro X Temperature Device
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Trolmaster Humidistat Station
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Trolmaster Humidity Device Station
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Trolmaster Environment Control System
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Trolmaster Dry Contact Station
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Trolmaster Aqua-X Irr Control System
Trolmaster Aqua-X Control Board
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Trolmaster AC Remote Station
Tp1/Gzc Day And Night Tempstat
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Tornado 6'' Inline Fan