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Hydroponic prayers and misters are vital accessories in your indoor hydroponic garden. You can use these accessories to supply water and nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in your hydroponic garden.

Typically, sprayers and misters are used to foliar feed plants, add humidity to your indoor garden, or build an aeroponic cloner.

You can use sprayers and misters to directly mist solutions on your plant's leaves. In addition, you can use these sprayers and misters to apply many supplements and cleaners to your plants. Whatever hydroponic application you have, sprayers and misters give you enhanced control over your watering and feeding system. 

If you are looking for hydroponic sprayers and misters, All Grow Garden and Distribution have a variety of products from top brands in Canada.

In this category, you will also find watering wands and water breaker nozzles for the hard-to-reach pots! Shop now!

42 products
Rainmaker Telescopic Watering Wand (36" - 60")
Rainmaker Battery Powered 18 Volt Lithium Ion Backpack Sprayer 4 Gallon
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Mist & Spray Deluxe Tank Sprayer 2.0L / 2.1 Qt
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Gilmour Backpack Spray 17L /4.5
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Gilmour 2Gal Deck/Utility Spray
Agrinnova Water Wand
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Solo Sprayer 2L
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Root Lowell Port. Sprayer/Atmzr
Rainmaker Revol. Coiled Hose 3/8"X50Ft
Rainmaker Lithium Battery Charging Station
Rainmaker 5 Gallon Batt. Powered Spray
Rainmaker 4Gal & 5Gal Sprayer Lance Assembly
Rainmaker 4Gal & 5Gal Spare Parts Kit
Rainmaker 3 Gal Pump Sprayer
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Rainmaker 2 Gal Pump Sprayer
Rainmaker 1 Gal Pump Sprayer
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Rainmaker Lithium Ion Station (12/C)
Mondi Premium Sprayer 1.4L G400
Grow1 Electric Atomizer 4Gal
Gro1 2L (.5 Gal) Hand Sprayer
Giro's 60Mm Flexible Handle
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Gilmour Multipurpose Hand Sprayer 1/2 Gal
Dramm Rain Wand 16"
Dramm One-Touch 30" Rain Wand
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Dramm Aluminum Shut-Off
Dramm 48'' Handi-Reach HD Aluminum
Dramm 400Pl Plastic Breaker
Dramm 400Al Aluminum Breaker
Dramm 36" Handi-Reach
Dramm 30" Handi-Reach
Dramm 30'' Pro Water Wand
Dramm 3/4" Brass
Dramm 24" Handi-Reach
Dramm 170Pl Plastic Nozzle
Dramm 170Al Aluminum Nozzle
Dramm 1000Pl Redhead Nozzle
Agrinnova Electric Sprayer 16L
Rainmaker 18V Lithium Ion Battery
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Dramm Watering Wand Handle 36" & 48"
Dramm 400PL Blue Water Breaker