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Hydroponic prayers and misters are vital accessories in your indoor hydroponic garden. You can use these accessories to supply water and nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in your hydroponic garden.

Typically, sprayers and misters are used to foliar feed plants, add humidity to your indoor garden, or build an aeroponic cloner.

You can use sprayers and misters to directly mist solutions on your plant's leaves. In addition, you can use these sprayers and misters to apply many supplements and cleaners to your plants. Whatever hydroponic application you have, sprayers and misters give you enhanced control over your watering and feeding system. 

If you are looking for hydroponic sprayers and misters, All Grow Garden and Distribution have a variety of products from top brands in Canada.

In this category, you will also find watering wands and water breaker nozzles for the hard-to-reach pots! Shop now!

164 products
Rainmaker Telescopic Watering Wand (36" - 60")
Rainmaker Battery Powered 18 Volt Lithium Ion Backpack Sprayer 4 Gallon
Stainless Steel Shears Straight
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Black Garbage Bags
Aggd Twist Tie
from $2.98
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Mist & Spray Deluxe Tank Sprayer 2.0L / 2.1 Qt
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Gilmour Backpack Spray 17L /4.5
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Gilmour 2Gal Deck/Utility Spray
Agrinnova Water Wand
Zip Zag Original Large Bags 150
Zip Zag Original Large Bags
Zip Zag Black Large Bags 50
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Ziploc (L)
Zenport Trimming Shears S (Red)
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Zenport Scissors 8" Long (R&W)
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Xtrays Rolling Bench 5'X10'
Twister Tumbler Driver Wheel Assy T4
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Twister T4 White 200 Mesh (70 Micron)
Twister T4 Tumbler Standard
Twister T4 Tumbler Narrow
Twister T4 Trim Saver
Twister T4 Pulley Assembly Blade
Twister T4 Plunger Indexing M12-1.5X
Twister T4 Neoprene Cuff
Twister T4 Hopper Assy
Twister T4 Helixe Blade
Twister T4 Gas Shock 89Mm Stroke
Twister T4 Filter Bag 80 Mesh
Twister T4 Filter Bag 70 Micron
Twister T4 Filter Bag 40 Micron
Twister T4 Drive Wheel Chevron
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Twister T4 Drive Wheel Assembly
Twister T4 Belt
Twister T4 Bedknife Packaged
Twister T4 Airflow
Twister T4 5" Keyed Vacuum Hose Clamp
Twister T2 Vacuum Hose Clamp 6 Inch
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Twister T2 Vacuum Bag Clamp Two Pack
Twister T2 Vacuum 1700 Cfm 2Hp
Twister T2 Upper Shroud Assy