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You have undertaken a lot of tiresome work in providing your indoor plants with everything they require to grow. Now you have harvested a good yield and all that is left is for you to store your produce. Wouldn’t it be a shame to watch your products spoil due to improper storage and packaging?

We have a solution for you! Purchase good quality storage and packaging materials right here at our online grow store and ensure your product maintains its high quality.

Be different from other growers who often overlook the curing and storing process despite putting much effort into growing their plants.

This is without a doubt a crucial part of the harvesting process and should be done with as much attention as the rest of the growing process if you want to preserve the smells, flavors, colors, and taste of your produce.

In this category, we have all the necessary storage and packaging equipment you will need to keep your harvest properly and maintain its quality.  

10 products
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Black Garbage Bags
Zip Zag Original Large Bags 150
Zip Zag Original Large Bags
Zip Zag Black Large Bags 50
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Ziploc (L)
Harvest Keeper Vacuum Sealer
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Foodsaver V4825 Vacuum Sealing
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Aroma Smell Proof Bag 100/Bx
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BC Bags Future Harvest Triple Seal Zipper Large Bags (100)