Calibration Solutions

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Testing for pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and total dissolved solids (TDS) is vital for successful hydroponic farming. You do not have to make guesses about whether your nutrient solution has the right measures. All Grow Garden and Distribution proudly offer you instruments from the best brands in hydroponics Canada. These instruments offer all indoor hydroponic farmers an easy and innovative way for testing and controlling the pH, EC, and TDS of their hydroponic farms. These testers and meters are easy to use, well-built, reliable, and durable. View the many options we have for you here, buy and work towards ensuring you grow superior crops.

8 products
Nutri Plus Florasol Calib.Ph4 500ml
Hanna Hi7007L Buffer Ph 7 500Ml
Hanna Hi7004L Buffer Ph 4 500Ml
Hanna Gro Line Quick Cal Check
Bluelab Ph 7 Calibration 500Ml
Bluelab Ph 4 Calibration 500Ml
Bluelab 2.77Ec
Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution 250ml