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In simple terms, propagation is the creation of new plants. Many growers propagate using hydroponic techniques, which is beneficial for early rooting and faster growth rates.

At All Grow Garden and Distribution, we have everything you need to propagate your next generation of crops. From starter pellets, cloning gels, heat mats, growing media, and trays to protective humidity domes. See our products now and choose the best quality propagation suppliers that are suitable for you!

71 products
Plastic Nursery Pot
from $0.99
PRO-MIX CX Biostimulant
from $4.24
PRO-MIX HP - Open Top Grow Bag - Biostimulant + Mycorrhizae
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Presto Pot 18X3.5"
from $4.50
Gro Pro Heavy Duty Black Saucers
from $0.49
Technaflora Rootech Original Cloning Gel
from $2.24
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Nutri Plus Coco Plus 50L
Gro Pro White Square Pot
from $3.49
Pro-Mix Myc P6000 Connect 2.5Kg
Sale price $849.00 Regular price $1,650.00 Save $801
Gro Pro Fabric Pot Brown
from $11.99
Gro Pro Black Square Pot
from $1.44
Gro Pro Fabric Pot W/ Handles
from $6.98
Emerald Harvest Root Wizard
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MONDI O2 POT 16" 35L
Wilson Root Liquid Gel 50ml
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Turboklone Elite Klone Machine
Sunblaster 48" Prismatic Lens Led 48W
Sunblast 26W Bulb
Sun Gro Sunshine Mix #4-3.8Cuft
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Sun Blaze T5 Ho 42 - 4 Ft 2 Lam
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Seeding Heat Mat Thermostat
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Saucer Clear Plastic 14''
Saucer Clear Plastic 10''
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Saucer Clear Plastic 16"
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Rhizopot Fabric 1 Gal W/Handles
Pro-Mix Stim Root 25G/0.9Oz
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Pro-Mix Mpx
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Pro-Mix HPCC
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Pro-Mix HP Plus Bio
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Pot Elite 4.75Gallon
Pro-Mix Hp Mycorrhizae
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Perlite #4 Large 4Cu.Ft. 115L
Mondi Super Saucer
from $1.74
Mondi Saucer
from $0.94
Mondi Propagation Tray 1020 Insert
Mondi Propag. Tray 1020 B&W G170
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Hardcoir Coco Coir Fibre 50L
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Lightstick Led 4' 48W 120-240
Lightstick Led 2' 10W 120-240