Propagation Lights

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If you propagate your plants well, then they will perform better when they are fully grown. Cuttings and seedlings are very fragile and require special care before they can be planted in your hydroponic garden.

To this effect, you require to have the right accessories, especially lighting, for your seedlings and cuttings.

Do not overpower your cuttings and seedlings with high-intensity grow lights. Instead, get your seedlings and cuttings started off with our high-quality propagation grow lights. They have a low intensity and produce little to no heat but are very effective in starting your plants’ growth.

Choose one of our high-quality brand propagation lights at an affordable price here at All Grow Garden and Distribution online grow shop.

We provide effective and efficient lighting for your seedlings and cuttings!

8 products
Sunblaster 48" Prismatic Lens Led 48W
Sunblast 26W Bulb
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Sun Blaze T5 Ho 42 - 4 Ft 2 Lam
Lightstick Led 4' 48W 120-240
Lightstick Led 2' 10W 120-240
Sun Blaze T5 High Output 120V Fluorescent Fixture
Lightstick LED 4' Grow Light 48W with Reflector 120-240V
Lightstick LED 2' Grow Light 10W 120-240V