Flood Tables

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Hydroponic flood tables are also known as grow trays or plant trays and are a means for holding plants in a hydroponic system.

If you are a grower who is in need of a strong base for a garden or a grower who is looking to build their own custom flood and drain system, then flood tables are what you need.

Flood tables are large plastic trays that are positioned over a reservoir that holds the nutrient solution and pump. These trays are flooded periodically by a single submersible pump that is placed in the reservoir and operated on a timer.

The most common method you can use for your tables is placing plants in individual containers or rock wool cubes in the tray. These will then soak up the nutrient solution as the table floods.

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11 products
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Super Sprouter Quad Thick Tray
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Super Sprouter Clear Cut Custom Tray
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Botanicare Id Tray 4 Ft X 8 Ft