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Looking for propagation trays and domes? All Grow Garden and Distribution has a wide range of trays and domes in all shapes and sizes just for you.

Propagation trays and domes help to keep the humidity high, which is great for clones or growing plants from seeds.

Needless to say, cuttings and seedlings perform best when in stable environments. You can attain successful propagation for your cuts and seedlings without necessarily using fancy or expensive equipment. All you need is the right tray and proper fitting of your humidity dome. This is more so since keeping the humidity between 60-100% and the temperature between 75-85 degrees will facilitate successful propagation and healthy plants.

Trays, which are also called 1020 trays for their dimensions, can be used to hold a number of plants as well as catch their run-off. This eliminates the need, for small individual saucers. Trays are also perfect for the transportation of several small plants at once making them more efficient. 

On the other hand, domes are designed to fit on top of trays and hold the humidity inside to increase germination rates and thus maximize the propagation rate of seedlings and cuttings.

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6 products
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Presto Pot 18X3.5"
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Mondi Propagation Tray 1020 Insert
Mondi Propag. Tray 1020 B&W G170
Green Gold Dome Vented 6.5''
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Agrinnova Hard Dome
Active Aqua Flood Table