Drying & Accessories

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Do not allow your bountiful yields to become wasted or get spoiled! Invest in high-quality drying accessories from our grow shop and get rewarded for your labor.

Get all the equipment you need to harvest and dry your product without any worry.

We have a wide variety of drying accessories such as drying racks, gloves, scales, packages, and many more, all available for you here.

30 products
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Black Garbage Bags
Aggd Twist Tie
from $2.98
Zip Zag Original Large Bags 150
Zip Zag Original Large Bags
Zip Zag Black Large Bags 50
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Ziploc (L)
Xtrays Rolling Bench 5'X10'
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Trillis Netting 79X3280 White
Trellis Netting Support System
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Trellis Netting 79X3280 Yellow
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Trellis Netting 79X3280
Trellis Netting 6.5'X 20'Square
Stack!T Dry Rack W/ Clips 3Ft
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Smart Weigh Csb5Kg Digital Scale
Sagetra 20 - Row Drying Rack
Measure Master Digital Scale W/ 4L Bowl
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Measure Master 1000G Digita Scale/Tray
Harvest Keeper Vacuum Sealer
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Grower's Edge Trellis Netting 4ft x 3280ft
Grower's Edge Netting Mesh 5Ft X350Ft
Grower's Edge Netting 6.5'X3280'
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Grower's Edge Netting 4 Ft X 328Ft
Grower's Edge Dry Rack Enclosed
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Foodsaver V4825 Vacuum Sealing
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Fast Fit Trellis Support 6 Pcs
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Dry Fast Sahara Plus
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Digital Scale
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Aroma Smell Proof Bag 100/Bx
Grower's Edge 5' x 350' Soft Mesh Trellis Netting
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BC Bags Future Harvest Triple Seal Zipper Large Bags (100)