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For indoor hydroponic farming, cloning has been identified to have several advantages over germinating seeds. Some of these include:

a. The guarantee of female plants since a grower can cut clones from mother plants that they know are female. This guarantees that the plants generated are also female.

b. Cloning is more cost-effective since it is less expensive. Seeds are not only more expensive but also ineffective especially when the seeds you buy have more unproductive males than productive females.

c. Cloned plants have a shorter time between cloning and harvesting. Plants grown from clones will be ready to harvest faster than plants that you grow from seeds. Through the elimination of the need for germination and a lengthy seedling stage, you can save up to a month off your time to harvest when growing from clones.

d. Cloning also facilitates a consistent Quality of your produce. Every clone will have the same characteristics as the mother plant you use. This is an indication that if your mother plant is robust and has a high-quality strain, you will not have to worry about inconsistent quality or potency issues in your cloned plants.

Cloning is by far the best way for propagating your plants to yield high-quality products in the shortest time possible.

You can undertake your cloning journey by cloning your own hydroponic plants. All you need is to buy good quality cloners from our online hydroponic grow shop.

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