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Are you new to indoor farming or looking to start your hydroponic garden? Wondering where to start? Well, All Grow Garden and Distribution is here to help. We have a wide range of tent kits for you to choose from.

You may be wondering why you should buy a tent kit. The answer is simple, it is an all-in-one growing system that has all the things you need to have for an indoor garden. Isn't that amazing!

Tent kits not only help you get all the equipment you need in one go but can also enable you to grow multiple plants simultaneously.

Increase your experience in growing indoor hydroponic farming through growing multiple plants, trying out different feeding and watering techniques, as well as comparing results in the same environment by buying one of our efficient and high-quality tent kits right here!

9 products
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Secret Garden Webit 120 4'X4'
Mammoth Propagator 125 3.9'X2.0
Mammoth Pro 240 L 4*8*6
Mammoth Pro 120L 47*24*63"
Mammoth Classic 90 35*35*63"
Mammoth Classic 60 24*24*55"
15'X300' Ground Cover
12'X300' Ground Cover
Mammoth Tents Pro 120 (4' x 4' x 6')