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The environment your indoor hydroponic plants grow in is very important for the plants. It is, therefore, crucial to have a constantly suitable environment all year long.

This is where controllers, timers, and meters come into the picture. These devices are designed to monitor and adjust your plants’ growing environment. Different devices have specific functions.

If you are more interested in maintaining a favorable CO2 environment for your indoor farm, then controllers designed for climate control are for you. If you are a one for all kind of farmer, All Grow Garden has more advanced all-in-one devices that track and control many parameters simultaneously.

This category gives you a chance to review the controllers, timers, and meters we have in store for you at our indoor hydroponic store.

72 products
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Active Air 20LB CO2 Tank (Empty)
Titan Controls Apollo 9 Two Outlet Digital Timer
Titan Controls Apollo 7 One Outlet Digital Timer
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Copy of Titan Controls Helios 6 - 8 Light 240 V Controller with Dual Trigger Cords
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Trolmaster Hydro X Temperature Device
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Trolmaster Humidistat Station
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Trolmaster Humidity Device Station
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Trolmaster Environment Control System
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Trolmaster Dry Contact Station
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Trolmaster Aqua-X Irr Control System
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Trolmaster Aqua-X Control Board
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Trolmaster AC Remote Station
Tp1/Gzc Day And Night Tempstat
Tnb Enhancer Co2 Canister
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Tnb Co2 Refills
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Titan-Preset Co2 Monitor
Titan Co2 Regulator
Titan Co2 Rain Tubing
Titan Co2 Rain System
Titan Co2 Monitor Atlas 1
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Titan Atlas 9 Co2 Controller
Titan Atlas 3 Co2 Monitor/Contr
Titan Apollo 9 Timer
Titan Apollo 8 Timer
Titan Apollo 7 Timer
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Titan Apollo 6 Timer
Titan 8 CO2 Burner NG
Titan 10 CO2 Burner NG
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Timemaster Digital 8 On/Off 15A
Timemaster Digital 20 On/Off
Thermo Hygrometer Min-Maxsh110
Sulfur Burner Greenhouse Vporiz
Speedmaster Dial Router
Png 1Gs-021 Day/Night Temp. Ctr
Png 060 Co2 Control Temp Shut-O
Png 020 Precision Thermostat W/
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Numeric Thermo-Hygrometer TA 298
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Mondi Mini Hygrometer White E100Vw
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Mondi Mini Hygrometer Black E100Vb
Maxfan Can-Fan Speed Controller