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Since hydroponic systems require the roots of the plants to be submerged in water, the oxygen levels in the reservoir are key in making sure that the plants do not drown. As we were taught in school, water has holes containing air. Hence the use of indoor gardening products such as air pumps or air stones which ensure even distribution of oxygen in the nutrient solution containing the hydroponic plants. Active air products such as fans, CO2 systems, air conditioners, filters or even humidifiers allow for the control of atmospheric conditions in the hydroponic environment. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are critical in ensuring success in your grow room since they regulate the humidity and the temperature of the environment around your plants. These two factors are core elements for plant growth in hydroponic farming.

6 products
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Active Air 20LB CO2 Tank (Empty)
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Active Air Hd 18'' Floor Fan
Active Air CO2 Regulator
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Active Air 16" Metal Wall Fan
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Active Air 190 Pint Dehumidifier