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Agrinnova is the leading industrial manufacturer of an extensive range of agriculture’s smart tech products. Whether it is nutrients being pumped into the reservoirs containing water for the plants, or water being pumped into the reservoirs, AGGD’s has a variety of Agrinnova products that are top tier and designed to work effectively in indoor growing. The Agrinnova ½ HP pump for example, operates quite efficiently without any annoying noises. If you want to use the pump to your other grow room, the Agrinnova ½ HP pump allows for easy portability as it is also light enough to carry around.

6 products
Agrinnova 1.0 Hp Pump Jtp-L750
Agrinnova Super Flex Hose
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Agrinnova Water Wand
Agrinnova 1/2 HP Turbo Pump JTP-L550
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Agrinnova Hard Dome
Agrinnova Electric Sprayer 16L