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Dutch Nutrient Gro A & B - Commercial Strength 23L
Dutch Nutrient Bloom A & B - Commercial Strength 23L
Dutch Nutrient Gro-A (2-0-2) & Gro-B (0-1-3)
from $12.00
Dutch Nutrient Bloom A (3-0-3) & B (1-0.5-3)
from $12.00
Dutch Nutrient Veg Fortifier 12-40-12
from $17.95

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Nicely stocked warehouse that had everything I needed!! The employee was very helpful in helping me get my products. Please check out All Grow Garden, they just launched their website as well.

Simon Y

Hands down the most extensive indoor garden store I've ever visited. They carry ALL the products you're accustomed to. Was my first time visiting today and I'm honestly surprised at how extensive the store was. If you never visited the store then make the time to check it out. You'll be surprised like I was. Products are cheaper prices than others. Happy first time customer.

Chris H

The staff here answered all my question about growing! Really friendly hydroponics store to stop by for new grower!

Carlos H